Internet Marketing Why they lie to you…     In the world of internet marketing – there are three types of people:   Those who make a living at it.   Those who sell marketing stuff to customers.   Those who buy marketing stuff.    Those who make a living at it are not trying to take advantage of anyone, they are selling information or products – quietly building their online stores and creating a …More to read here

Kaspersky 2014

November 28, 2013
Kaspersky 2014

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The New Store Coach Model

April 25, 2012
The New Store Coach Model

The Hermansen Brothers – Store Coach After a successful run with the information I learned from Niche Blueprint – one of the Hermansen brothers earlier products, I was excited to …More to read here

Do You Need a Mobile Website?

Mobile websites are the Wave of the Future If you want customers to find you by using their mobile devices – either tablets or smart phones – then certainly you …More to read here

Getting the Best Bang For Your Buck – SEO USA

You don’t have to go any further than your own laptop. SEO USA professionals are available to provide whatever work you need to boost your online presence, increase your page …More to read here

Why I hate Blogspot/Blogger – Why I love WordPress

We all have reasons for the hosting provider that we use – from cheap sites to those with more bells and whistles. Free hosting usually means you have next to …More to read here

Anchor Text – What is it? Why Should You Use it?

Anchor Text – What is it? Why Should You Use it? Written by Michael Lee Joshua Anchor text is a phrase or keyword that you have placed within your web …More to read here

Keywords and Keyphrases – Does Research Really Matter?

Research into Keywords Does Matter! Nothing will make your business soar faster than selecting the correct keywords or keyphrases. Though you might think it is an easy process. Instead, it …More to read here

Technorati – A blogger’s friend

Technorati is a great FREEBIE! Technorati is one of the best blog tools. It allows you to add tags to each post you place on your blog. It is important …More to read here

Do follow or no follow tag?

The do follow attribute will help your page rank in search engines Why do follow? Google gives a quick ‘driveby’ regarding the use of the do follow vs. no follow …More to read here