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5×5 workout needs change as much as routine

5X5 Workout needs to incorporate change

A 5X workout is not all about diet and routine. Although you need to eat the right foods and take in the proper amount of protein to see regular gains – you must add change to your 5X workout in order to see consistent results.

You can’t fake it

If you are not adding to your 5×5 workout by changing up the routines, your body certainly knows it. Squats are a great overall exercise, working your legs, back, shoulders – and everything in between. But if you only perform squats, pretty soon, you will see nothing new going on in the muscular development. You need to challenge the muscle groups to force them to tear, repair and build up your strength. Just like a diet of nothing but beer and pizza is bad for you – so is an exercise routine that brings no change to the table.

Cardio and bodyweight exercises are good for you too

You know that you need to do cardio, but you try to cut it short. It’s boring to run on a treadmill, so you cheat and get to the real meat of your 5×5 workout – the weight training. Instead, get outside – find a trail or a hilly road and get your cardio workout outside. This not only helps you get needed Vitamin D form the sunlight, but it gives you a new perspective and you feel as if you are accomplishing something instead of running in place.

Find a trail that has spots set up for exercises along the way. Stop and do some pushups or planks – anything that gives you a bit of variety. Not only will you enjoy it but your body will respond as well. Your 5×5 workout can be fun!

getting to the next level

It’s easier than you think to get to the next level. All you have to do is change it up enough that your body feels the stress of a new exercise.

Your 5X5 Workout is not rocket science

5X5 workout requires challenge

Your 5X5 workout is not supposed to beat you down. It is supposed to build you up, so why are you feeling more of an energy drain? Are you performing the same old exercises week after week? Well, knock it off!

Variety really is the spice of life

You need to challenge the muscle groups on a regular basis if you want to see gains. This means that doing the same, tired old exercises week after week is not the best way to see improvement. Your muscle groups get used to the same repetitive motion and after a while, they stop responding positively. Just as you get bored, your muscles do have a kind of “mind of their own” too – challenge is the ticket to continued progress.

Add some bodyweight exercises

Sure, you like squats and leglifts and all the weight lifting, but your own bodyweight can add stress to muscle groups that ramp them back up for more gains. Planks, push ups, pulls ups – don’t forget about these exercises, they can jumpstart you to a new level.

Cardio is your friend

Make sure that your 5×5 workout incorporates regular cardio. Running is not just for marathoners. By adding heavier cardio workouts into your routines, you will add stamina and energy that may be waning. The more you can keep up the pressure, the better your body will respond. A challenge is what keeps your mind sharp, the same thing is true for your body.

Don’t resist change – embrace change

Change is the way to keep your 5×5 workout fresh. Your body craves challenge – why not cooperate and add to the stress level that helps your muscles grow and improve? By embracing change, adding something new to your 5×5 workout, you will continue to reach for that next level.

Is Your 5X5 Workout Getting Boring?

Are you bored by your 5X5 workout?

Your 5×5 workout should be a challenge. Boredom happens. And it happens before you realize it.

A workout needs to be challenging, not just challenging to your muscles, but to your mind as well. Because once it becomes too much of a routine, you start to daydream and tend to perform the exercises incorrectly.

What happens when you lose focus?

You begin to become lazy about the proper execution of the exercise. This leads to injuries. Poor execution does not help your muscles, but it can definitely hurt them. You want to fatigue your muscles but not your mind.

What happened to your energy?

When you start exercising, you are all excited and ramped up to see changes in your muscular structure. But after a couple of months, you might hit that dreaded plateau. You know, where nothing seems to be improving anymore. This can lead you to push in ways that are not beneficial. You might sacrifice your proper positioning when doing squats. Or you swing when performing curls, instead of keeping your posture straight and using the muscles to move the weight. Using inertia and gravity to exercise is not the way to build muscles.

Change up your 5X5 workout

The best way to increase your energy and to continue seeing improvement is to change up your routine. Instead of the leg lifts, change up and do some calf raises. It’s all about keeping your body moving toward the goal. Whether you want to lose fat or build muscle, the techniques are the same. Regular exercise that challenges the muscle groups.

Don’t measure progress (or lack of it) daily

Nothing is more frustrating than measuring yourself after every 5X5 Workout and seeing no change. Change is gradual, not overnight. Allow your body the time to respond to the exercises you are performing.

You love your 5X5 workout

Love your 5X5 workout?

Of course, you do. As a matter of fact, you love your 5X5 workout so much that you haven’t changed the exercise routine in several months.

When should you change up?

You don’t need to change your 5X5 workout routine for as long as you are seeing gains. But once you plateau, that’s the time to pull the trigger on some new exercises. Or maybe you just want to change the order of the muscle groups you are working. Sometimes that flip of the routine will help. But, the odds are, you need to bring something new into your routine for each muscle group.

How to decide what to change?

Now, that’s the easy question. Change it all!

It’s time to open up that online database of exercises you have and select new exercises for each of the muscle groups. At the same time, reschedule the rotation. If you were working your legs on Fridays, then move them to Mondays – move your cardio to a different day. The point is to make your body respond to different stimuli.

It’s not as hard as you think to begin a new 5X5 workout routine. It’s important to keep your progress from stalling!

Are you adding to your 5X5 workout?

Thinking about changing up your 5X5 workout?

When you decide to change up your exercise routine, the best thing to do is to change the rotation of the muscle group workouts along with the exercises used.

Have you considered supplements?

There are many ways to get the proper nutrients, but all serious 5X5 workout professionals agree that getting the vitamins and nutrients you need naturally is the best way to go. The fact is that it’s not always possible to eat the foods that give you everything you need.

Take care in selecting supplements.

Fish oil or others?

It is well accepted that to receive the appropriate oils, you are better served by taking them in liquid form than by an oral pill. One of the best places to get the right oils is from Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you can simply add it into your protein shake.

What kind of protein?

The fact is that your body could care less where the protein comes from – you can use lean meats or powdered soy or whey. Your body processes it all the same way. It is protein. But you can avoid the added fats included in even the leanest of meats by switching to a whey or soy protein at least for a part of the time.

Don’t be afraid to give your body what it needs. If you are developing a 5X5 Workout, a proper diet is essential to its success!

What does it take to build a 5X5 workout?

Is your 5X5 Workout working for you?

A 5X5 workout usually includes the following exercises:

  • Squats
  • Leg Lifts
  • Calf Raises
  • Deadlifts


Are you neglecting bodyweight exercises?

You may think that the olympic weights on your barbell and dumbbells are doing the job. But if you have plateaued – you know, leveled off and not seeing any new improvements, it may be that your body is already so accustomed to you workout that there is no longer any stress to your muscles.

Consider the old standbys:

  • Pushups
  • Pullups
  • Planks

Each of these will work with your body to bring about some real changes in how your body responds to any workout, including the 5X5 Workout.

Stress builds muscle

By increasing the demands on your muscles – any muscle group – you will place stress on them. As they heal, the development of stronger muscles is the result.


Don’t let your 5X5 workout go stale!

5X5 Workout

The simple 5X5 workout will change your life!

The 5X5 workout is a beginner program which will bring your results that you have never experienced before – you’ve probably never even thought you could reach this level of strength.

Not only will your strength increase by leaps and bounds, but you will see the muscle mass pile on. Dumping the fat around the middle and adding muscle and definition will sculpt your body. There is no reason to wait any longer.

Diligence is all that is needed here – you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment – you only need to change your mindset. Repetition of the routine is the key to a 5X5 workout success. Take the first step, design a program that works into your schedule. It’s not about becoming a gym rat – it’s about performing the exercises regularly. Stretching them and stressing them into new growth.

Always warm up appropriately before starting your routine. Once you are done, allow your muscles the time to heal and grow before stressing them again. For this reason, professional trainers will tell you to work different muscle groups at a time. This gives each muscle group time to repair before their rotation begins again. By the time a week rolls around, your body is ready for the next workout.


If you have been called a 90-pound weakling – that will stop!

If you’ve been trying to lose that fat around your middle – it WILL be gone.

The beauty of exercise is that your body will respond to anything that stretches and works your muscles.

It doesn’t matter if you are using:

  • barbells
  • dumbbells
  • resistance bands or
  • your own body weight.

Your body thrives on exercise of any kind.

Whether you choose a 5X5 workout regimen or a bodyweight challenge, your body will respond to the test!

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How do you do a 5X5 workout?

I’m making a new workout plan, and I want to add the 5×5 thing I saw a few places. I’m a bit confused on how it’s done, though… Is it 5 sets of 5 reps with the same exact weight each set? Or do you add or lower weight when you get to a certain set? If it’s the former, what percent of your 1 rep max would you use for all the sets? Thank you


Yea, it’s 5 sets of 5 reps. Do that exercise 5 times, 5 different times. Confusing I know. If you are doing a set set/rep sequence, it is the same weights, same exercise. You could change it up, there is nothing to stop you, but its meant to get you to build muscle memory. That stops pain, and allows you to work more. As for maxing out, that really isn’t anything other than trying to gauge where you are in your exercise. if you can max 5 reps of push-ups one week, then the next you can max at 7, then you know you have improved. The only other people who only work with their max are people who have a death wish. I would say max out 5 sets of whatever amount of reps you chose (5X5 is fine) and use that. Start big, and work your way down to determine your max.