5X5 Workout needs to incorporate change

A 5X workout is not all about diet and routine. Although you need to eat the right foods and take in the proper amount of protein to see regular gains – you must add change to your 5X workout in order to see consistent results.

You can’t fake it

If you are not adding to your 5×5 workout by changing up the routines, your body certainly knows it. Squats are a great overall exercise, working your legs, back, shoulders – and everything in between. But if you only perform squats, pretty soon, you will see nothing new going on in the muscular development. You need to challenge the muscle groups to force them to tear, repair and build up your strength. Just like a diet of nothing but beer and pizza is bad for you – so is an exercise routine that brings no change to the table.

Cardio and bodyweight exercises are good for you too

You know that you need to do cardio, but you try to cut it short. It’s boring to run on a treadmill, so you cheat and get to the real meat of your 5×5 workout – the weight training. Instead, get outside – find a trail or a hilly road and get your cardio workout outside. This not only helps you get needed Vitamin D form the sunlight, but it gives you a new perspective and you feel as if you are accomplishing something instead of running in place.

Find a trail that has spots set up for exercises along the way. Stop and do some pushups or planks – anything that gives you a bit of variety. Not only will you enjoy it but your body will respond as well. Your 5×5 workout can be fun!

getting to the next level

It’s easier than you think to get to the next level. All you have to do is change it up enough that your body feels the stress of a new exercise.