Are you bored by your 5X5 workout?

Your 5×5 workout should be a challenge. Boredom happens. And it happens before you realize it.

A workout needs to be challenging, not just challenging to your muscles, but to your mind as well. Because once it becomes too much of a routine, you start to daydream and tend to perform the exercises incorrectly.

What happens when you lose focus?

You begin to become lazy about the proper execution of the exercise. This leads to injuries. Poor execution does not help your muscles, but it can definitely hurt them. You want to fatigue your muscles but not your mind.

What happened to your energy?

When you start exercising, you are all excited and ramped up to see changes in your muscular structure. But after a couple of months, you might hit that dreaded plateau. You know, where nothing seems to be improving anymore. This can lead you to push in ways that are not beneficial. You might sacrifice your proper positioning when doing squats. Or you swing when performing curls, instead of keeping your posture straight and using the muscles to move the weight. Using inertia and gravity to exercise is not the way to build muscles.

Change up your 5X5 workout

The best way to increase your energy and to continue seeing improvement is to change up your routine. Instead of the leg lifts, change up and do some calf raises. It’s all about keeping your body moving toward the goal. Whether you want to lose fat or build muscle, the techniques are the same. Regular exercise that challenges the muscle groups.

Don’t measure progress (or lack of it) daily

Nothing is more frustrating than measuring yourself after every 5X5 Workout and seeing no change. Change is gradual, not overnight. Allow your body the time to respond to the exercises you are performing.