5X5 workout requires challenge

Your 5X5 workout is not supposed to beat you down. It is supposed to build you up, so why are you feeling more of an energy drain? Are you performing the same old exercises week after week? Well, knock it off!

Variety really is the spice of life

You need to challenge the muscle groups on a regular basis if you want to see gains. This means that doing the same, tired old exercises week after week is not the best way to see improvement. Your muscle groups get used to the same repetitive motion and after a while, they stop responding positively. Just as you get bored, your muscles do have a kind of “mind of their own” too – challenge is the ticket to continued progress.

Add some bodyweight exercises

Sure, you like squats and leglifts and all the weight lifting, but your own bodyweight can add stress to muscle groups that ramp them back up for more gains. Planks, push ups, pulls ups – don’t forget about these exercises, they can jumpstart you to a new level.

Cardio is your friend

Make sure that your 5×5 workout incorporates regular cardio. Running is not just for marathoners. By adding heavier cardio workouts into your routines, you will add stamina and energy that may be waning. The more you can keep up the pressure, the better your body will respond. A challenge is what keeps your mind sharp, the same thing is true for your body.

Don’t resist change – embrace change

Change is the way to keep your 5×5 workout fresh. Your body craves challenge – why not cooperate and add to the stress level that helps your muscles grow and improve? By embracing change, adding something new to your 5×5 workout, you will continue to reach for that next level.