Do You Need a Mobile Website?

Mobile websites are the Wave of the Future

If you want customers to find you by using their mobile devices – either tablets or smart phones – then certainly you must have a mobile website!

Many of your potential customers have moved completely to their mobile devices – not even booting up a laptop anymore. How can you reach them? By making your site compatible for these mobile users.

Here is an example of a normal website (my personal blog) viewed on a mobile device:

Here is the same site viewed properly on a mobile phone:

Notice that there is even a “Click to Call” button which dials straight to my office.

If you need more proof, there is a program that analyzes the mobile compatibility of sites. The standard website scores 0% for mobile compatibility as you can see by the screenshot below:

While the mobile version which I built scores 97% for mobile compatibility as shown below:

A score of 85% is considered excellent in the industry – so as you can see – my blog is now a great-looking optimized site for mobile devices.

I can do the same thing for you – contact me today!