SEO is not a dirty word (or acronym)


SEO is NOT a dirty word – I promise!

SEO – just what exactly is it? And, even more – why should you care?

So, you never learned anything about Search Engine Optimization, yet – here you are.

You’re here because you have a website or a blog. You want to learn how to optimize your site so that you are not just writing stuff to read to yourself at bedtime.

Face it, you want people to find your site. Whether you have anything to sell or have something to say – you want to share it with the world or you would not have an online presence at all.

Search Engine Optimization is a basic step in marketing your products or services.

Even you can learn how to make the internet work for you.

There are many ways to work out your SEO:

    Articles you write about your subject or product
    comments to blogs that are in your niche
    posts to an active forum that discusses your subject matter
    guest posts on blogs of similar content
    social networks like facebook, myspace, twitter and linked in

SEO is not by mail

The post office is open, but your marketing is not by mail anymore.

These are only a few suggestions. As this blog continues to grow, we will discuss these and many other options.

The fact is – you can get noticed without all these things – that is, if your name is Stephen King… or Janette Oke.
But, if you’re like me, just a regular (somewhat normal) person – you need some help to get noticed.

Otherwise, it’s like you’re standing in front of your house waving people over. Instead you should at least be on the corner with a bullhorn. 🙂

That’s where SEO comes in – it puts you out there with a bullhorn. Announcing your presence to the world.

If you have a specific question, you can drill down into categories to find information.

If you can’t find the help you need, feel free to email me and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

If you just don’t want to learn SEO, that’s ok, I am available for hire.  Send me an email – I’ll be happy to look at your site and give you a quote.