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My SEO Programs by PayNoPostage are specifically designed for your needs.

Please note that I am currently completely booked and will not be taking on any new clients for Top 10 in Google Searches, WordPress builds, HTML builds, article or blogpost writing until January 15, 2013. If you are interested in my services beginning after this date, please contact me at services@ to be placed on my client list. Thank you!

I provide backup storage (up to 2 GB) on my secure server for $45 per year. I will retrieve your backup monthly from your web host if you provide me with log in capabilities, or you may email your backup file to me for storage. If you choose to email the file, the responsibility is yours to download your backup on a monthly basis.

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Top 10 in google searches
How may I help you?

I offer the following services as a freelance writer:

  • article writing
  • blog post writing and posting
  • SEO work
  • posting of articles through EzineArticles – the premier site for articles on the web
  • Ghost written web content for SEO (you own the articles)
  • banner creation
  • free consultation – Web site review and suggestions for optimization of your site
  • SEO Programs can include all or any of the above items.
  • Email me with the specifications of your job for an hourly rate or flat quote.

    I also offer 90-day SEO programs to promote your site or blog.

    Top 10 in google searches: not that difficult to attain, if you know how to optimize your site or blog with most searched for google terms. The key step is to identify the keyphrase that will push your site into the top 10 which applies to your page. The top 10 in google searches are ranked by the search engine based upon a specific page, not a website. Most people believe that a site is ranked, and in some ways this is true, but the search engine responds by showing the top 10 in google searches one page at a time. Knowing this fact can change the way you manage the work in getting your site ranked.

    I have placed numerous websites and blogs in google’s page one within 90 days using my process of optimization.

    Allow me to put my skills to work for you.
    Don’t settle for “one size fits all” SEO Programs, allow me to develop a Search Engine Optimization Program that works for your site!

    There are no effective generic SEO Programs – if it is not tailored to your site, it will not be as good as it can be.

    I offer 90-day SEO Programs process of article writing, bookmarking and backlinking to optimize your site/blog which includes all of the following:

  • Identification of keywords or keyphrases for your site or blog
  • Identification of secondary keywords and keyphrases
  • Traffic analysis of keyphrases or keywords
  • Analysis of possibility of google domination for your keyphrases or keywords
  • SEO Articles posted to EzineArticles linking back to your site utilizing main and secondary keywords and keyphrases
  • Main page linking plus deep linking to another page within your site which incorporates the keyphrase and secondary keyphrases
  • My fee for the above process varies with a guarantee of placement in the top 10 in the google search engine for the identified keyphrase.

    Fine Print
    The following stipulations apply:

  • The appropriate optimized keyphrase is identified by our keyphrase program. We will use only a keyphrase which yields a minimum of 500 searches per day on google
  • Clickthrough number is a percentage of searches – they are not the same
  • The keyphrase is searched in “quotes” as a phrase to target your visitors
  • The process requires a 90 day commitment to see results as we use only organic linking, which takes time to complete, no “black hat” techniques
  • The 90-day process begins once a keyword or keyphrase is identified for your site. This first step may take up to two weeks.
  • I will refund your full payment at the end of the 90 days if top 10 placement in google for the selected keyphrase is not achieved.
  • Email me to begin your rise to the top

    You can be in the top 10 – Let me help you achieve this with our customized SEO Programs.


    Backlinking and SEO work is an ongoing process. Once your 90-day process is completed, please contact me for continued maintenance to keep your spot in the top 10.

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