SEO USA Rate Sheet

SEO USA Services

All charges are invoiced through PayPal and due immediately unless agreement is made in advance for another method of payment.

Rate Sheet

Mobile Websites

Simple Mobile Site $275.00
Includes 3 pages

Standard Mobile Site $397.00
Includes up to 6 pages

Advanced Mobile Site $497.00
Includes up to 10 pages

SEO USA Articles – your keyword – price each

Article keyword/keyphrase placement:
o title
o introductory paragraph
o body
o concluding paragraph

500 word articles $25.00
750 word articles $35.00
150 word blog posts $ 8.50
300 word blog posts $13.00

A la carte:
Uploading purchased articles to your site/blog – each $ 2.00
Locating and uploading images to your posts – each $ 1.50

SEO USA Monthly packages:

Brief 1: $ 60.00
2 – 500* word articles
2 – 150* word blog posts

Brief 2: $ 120.00
4 – 500* word articles
4 – 150* word blog posts

Long 1: $ 90.00
2 – 750* word articles
2 – 300* word blog posts

Long 2: $182.00
4 – 750* word articles
4 – 300* word blog posts

*All word counts are approximate and may vary by a 10% word count higher or lower. Word count excludes the Article Title. (prices subject to change)

If you need help selecting keywords – We do that too!

Keyword/Keyphrase Research $150.00 paid in advance

To identify keywords which your site can be optimized for organic traffic

We do not offer pay for traffic SEO

Need help getting found on the web? We do that too!

SEO work to improve result position in google using our identified keyword/keyphrase (primary keyword/keyphrase only)

Contract payable in 3 monthly installments with a 3-month contract commitment

3% discount when full payment accompanies signed contract

**FINE PRINT**If necessary, we will provide re-write of home page verbiage to enable us to optimize your site for the keyword/keyphrase. Rewritten content, META tags and other helpful items, if provided, are part of the contract and must be installed/added to page to enable us to fulfill our end of the contract. If content/ META tags, etc are removed at any time within the 90 days, we will be unable to fully optimize your site with no refund of contract amount. Our goal is to get you to the top 10!
END OF FINE PRINT** uses a commercial software tool and google research to identify keywords and keyphrases that will result in organic traffic and a potential for click-through results for your website. It can take up to several days to identify appropriate keywords, which is why this must be paid in advance.

We select a keyword or keyphrase by reviewing traffic search patterns in order to provide organic traffic to your site.

Traffic considerations are:

• Daily search volume – How many times people search using the keyword or keyphrase
• Approximate click-through rate based on google estimates
• The number of competing sites for the keyword/keyphrase

These criteria will help you to get the most traffic in the shortest amount of time to your website.

Our SEO work includes:

• Social Bookmarking
• Articles writing and submission to
• Several other SEO tactics that will help you get ranked on the web

(When you contract for our SEO 3-month program – there is no additional charge for articles written as part of this agreement.)

The final results (click-throughs or purchases) from the organic traffic are a direct reflection of your website, content and the products/services for sale. While we cannot guarantee an increase in sales, will help you get more potential customers to your site by placing you higher in the search results.

All articles, blog posts, keyword research and SEO work is performed by from Colorado Springs, CO. No work of any kind is outsourced or contracted out to third parties. All paid articles are owned by the client, to be used on the website or blog for which it is contracted.

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