Technorati – A blogger’s friend

Technorati is a great FREEBIE!

Technorati is one of the best blog tools. It allows you to add tags to each post you place on your blog.

It is important to take advantage of available optimizing tools – especially those that are free to use! There are many such tools and I will post about them as time goes on, but this is a critical service that you should get right away. Don’t wait, because the sooner you do it, the sooner all of your posts will be tagged.

You don’t want to wait until your blog is months old – then go back and add tags to each post. I promise you don’t.

Tags are little keyword or keyphrases that help to categorize your posts. On any blogging platform, you can now create a tag cloud which will show your readers how many posts you have for specific keywords and keyphrases. They help you and your reader drill down deeper than the main categories on your site.

Any tool that helps a reader find what they want is a GOOD thing.

Technorati is one tool you cannot be without!

A tag cloud is like a quick, easy to read, overview for your blog. Sometimes it may even help you, when you go back looking for a particular post but don’t remember when you wrote it many months ago. A tag cloud will give you an edge in looking for specifics.

A code like this one XY6880%%NLK will tell technorati to allow you to claim your blog. Many services request verification like this.

Technorati is considered the clearing house for claiming blogs. No one site has offered the opportunity to claim, assign keywords and/or keyphrases to your account like they have.

Though many bookmarking sites will let you assign tags, only technorati accepts blogs into their database and manages such a huge tag cloud for the web. They also help get your blog found by search engines, because a technorati tag adds credibility to your blog.

Don’t be left behind.

Get technorati tags added to your blog!