The New Store Coach Model

The Hermansen Brothers – Store Coach

After a successful run with the information I learned from Niche Blueprint – one of the Hermansen brothers earlier products, I was excited to run across the Store Coach e-commerce training site. Much of the information that I learned from them in Niche Blueprint is reinforced here.

But there are a few new points made as well. Although I took the training I learned previously and used it to build an article writing and SEO platform, I found myself again looking at the drop ship model of fulfilling orders for products in an e-commerce store. The stores that I built with Niche Blueprint (4 of them) were in the #2 or #3 positions of SERP in google for their keyphrases inside of 90 days (from the date I registered the domains). I even had a sale for an over $1,000 item within the first couple of weeks that I launched one site. For me, the sites were all a test project – just to see if their program of SEO worked. I was amazed!

I can tell you that their SEO plan works – by using white hat techniques, your store will be ahead of the curve. Google rewards good (unique) content and a solid backlinking strategy. Bring more to your buyer’s experience and google recognizes the effort. There’s much more to it than simply building a page loaded with keywords and pushing duplicate content to your website. As a matter of fact, that just flat-out doesn’t work. There simply are no shortcuts – no matter what people want to sell you. Writing an article and pushing it through a spinner then submitting it to a bunch of article directories is just a bunch of hype that someone is selling to you – and believe me, they are selling it. Either they get an affiliate referral for the spinner – or the submit robot – but they are getting paid to get you on board.

Now, I’m not naive, I know that the Store Coach is selling the subscription to their own Zulu Cart, and they likely get an affiliate referral for any of the products that you buy when you click on their links – but you are getting an actual product when you subscribe to the Zulu Cart. You get the storefront, the hosting, the code is all written for you. I don’t mind someone getting paid for their work. I’m not using the Zulu Cart because I have some HTML knowledge and can write my own code. But, if you can’t, or don’t want to do it, I guarantee you that they will give you a great big bang for your buck!

So, my first store following the Store Coach model is built, and all of my pre-launch steps are done. The beginning of the backlinking work(all techniques I learned from the Hermansen’s product Niche Blueprint) will begin this week. I have learned more about “buying keywords” in the last few years and expect that this site will surpass my previous efforts and further solidify my reliance upon the Hermansen Brothers training and products.

Rest assured that when you buy a product from Store Coach or the Hermansen Brothers – you are getting your money’s worth.

I dare you, view the videos – read the articles – give it a trial run – You won’t be sorry!

Store Coach is the real deal!

I’ll keep you posted on my latest project….