Web Portfolio

My web portfolio has some examples of my HTML work

This website was lost. By pulling page source from the google cache, I was able to restore it completely for a fellow ACFW author. Fortunately, she had all of the necessary images, so it was just a matter of loading the code, saving the images and correcting the links in the code. By adding a php file to her web files, I was also able to bring her downloads back to life.

“Thanks so much, Michael! I will be recommending you to everybody I possibly can! I’m so thankful you helped me. Otherwise, I’m not sure what I would have done. And you are an answer to prayer for another reason, because I had been needing someone who was familiar with HostGator to help me update my website. So a million thanks to you! I so appreciate your help.” Melanie Dickerson

Website restored from cached page source code

This is a rotating banner that I worked on for another writer.

“I reposted the code and it seems to be working! You are a genius! Thank you!” Jennifer Hudson Taylor

building a rotating banner

Here is a conversion from blogspot to wordpress that I accomplished for another writer friend!

“I had the opportunity to switch my blog to it’s own domain and was so excited about this. But then I realized I had a problem, I had NO IDEA what I was doing & knew that it would take me months to get everything figured out. By the grace of God, I met Michael who was such a life saver, otherwise, I’d still be trying to figure out what I was doing. He was able to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress in no time at all! He really did a great job and I cannot thank him enough for all that he did! If you’re looking for someone to help you make the transition to your own domain, Michael is the one to help you! He was very helpful through the whole process & afterwards.” Amber Watts Lester

blogger to wordpress migration

I helped Kim get her feedburner feed from blogger fixed after someone hacked it, claiming her feed and pointing her links to another site.

“Michael has become my ‘go-to’ guy for technical blog issues that are beyond my abilities. He is highly knowledgeable, efficient, and has saved me hours of frustration. I highly recommend him!” Kimberly K Russell

fixing a feedburner feed

A backlinking package offered to ACFW 2010 attendees through the Silent Auction won by Lisa Wingate has helped their blog to reach the top three position in google for the keyphrase “motivational stories”.

“The backlinking package was very helpful in helping us bring traffic to our newly-launched cyber porch at www.SouthernBelleView.com. Michael’s magic helped increase our Google presence and bring traffic by to check out our content. If you’re looking for web traffic for your blog, this is a great way to go.” — Lisa Wingate, bestselling novelist and weekly blogger

Backlinking Package

“When I asked Melanie Dickerson who she’d recommend to help me start a website or blog, she highly endorsed Michael. After working with him, I can see why! Michael set the site up in two days and walked me through step by step. I knew nothing about websites or blogs but now I have an awesome site that wouldn’t have been possible without his dedication to helping others achieve their goals.” — Tanya Eavenson

Wordpress Installation

“Do you know that old adage, ‘a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing’? Well, I proved that to be true and Michael helped me out. I thought I knew quite a lot about coding and how to import and export things to different websites and was fairly sure I could handle an itty bitty switch from Blogger to WordPress on my own. But alas, things started getting mixed up and the more caught up in the mess I got, the less I knew about how to get myself out without losing a lot. After a long conversation I knew what I had to do, I had to give Michael the keys to my web-kingdom and let him clean up my mess. I expected it to take weeks, but in days he had the whole thing sorted out and things have gone swimmingly since.I’m very glad that Michael was willing to step in. He’s a good guy and trustworthy. It’s like calling up a smart, kind, big brother. I’d call him again, but much sooner next time.” Lynn Diener

Wordpress Installation

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